Marius Keo Marjolin (they/them) is a mixed Khmerican printmaker, designer and illustrator based in Providence, RI. Originally from Westchester, NY, they graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2021 with a BFA in Printmaking. Currently, they are a member of Binch Press + Queer.Archive.Work, a cooperatively run printshop centering queer and BIPOC artists in Rhode Island. Through silkscreen, collage, and mixed media, Keo Marjolin melds DIY forms of image-making with motifs from Khmer classical dance to explore cultural and ecological cycles of transformation.

Both uncovering and creating hidden layers to a place or subject are integral to their practice. By infusing motifs from their Cambodian heritage, such as the Naga and the Monkey King, with DIY and punk approaches to drawing and image-making, Marius aims to explore an aquatic Khmer-futurist fantasy world through their prints. Their work reflects their layered, multi-cultural existence and explores themes of hybridity, cycles of transformation and reconciling intergenerational trauma.

Outside of their fine art practice, Marius is deeply inspired by the spirit of Providence’s vibrant DIY music and psychedelic art scene. Their past work focuses on their journaling of music scenes in both Providence and their hometown in Westchester, NY.

They can be found at @tofu.twink on Instagram and

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